The booking system is currently closed
and will remain closed
Booking for a weekend Mass is no longer required

On-line Booking Guidelines

Our own Parish of St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross online booking system to enable you to book benches for 1-3 people at weekend Masses. Benches conform to social and can be booked for up to 3 adults. If your party of 4 includes a child under 10 then you can make a booking for one bench and make a note that you are 3 + 1 child. If you are booking for 4 and none of the party is a child under ten, then you need to make 2 separate bookings. Just make one, confirm and go back in to make a second booking.. 3 + 1 child under 10 are allowed per bench at St. Walburga’s. If the bench next to the first bench booked is no not available, book any available bench and just note in the comments box that you are a family group and wish to sit together. When you arrive for Mass let the stewards know and they will try to put you on two beches together if possible.
Online booking will not replace booking by phone or email, it will offer another option for people online or on the go! The live online booking service will be available in December and will be announced in the Bulletin, on Facebook and on the Parish website.

Please use the booking service courteously

Online bookings Monday 6am until Saturday 4.30pm for Vigil Mass and 8am for the Sunday Masses.
Bookings can only be made for the current week.
Cancellations can be done at any time; do as early as possible.
Below the CAPTCHA fill in answer for the equation X + Y shown

Stewards will direct you to seats when you arrive at Mass!

: The Time: box is empty and I can not select a time.
: This happens when the Mass Reserve X minutes earlier time has been reached.

: All the benches are greyed out.
: Select the Check Availability.

: When I change the Date all the benches are greyed out.
: Select the Check Availability.

: I cannot select a Date.
: Check that JavaScript is enabled in your browser preference.

: I cannot input my email address.
: If your email name contains an apostophe this is not allowed, it is non-standard and problematic. If you have another email address without an apostophe in the name part please use this email address. Not allowing an apostophe policy, is a security injection prevention measure.

: The Enquiry form is displayed when I select Check Availability.
: This happens for one of two reasons. Either you have selected more than 3 people or the Mass is fully booked. If you selected more than 3 people see the Guideline for information on how to handle this. If you have selected 3 or less people then the Mass is fully booked. If the Mass is fully booked do not complete the enquiry form.

: I submitted and enquiry but have not been assigned a bench.
: An enquiry does not assign and book a bench.

: I completed a booking but didn't get a confirmation email.
: Check your spam folder.

If sill have a question not answered above or are having difficulties, in the first instance please contact the Parish Office.

Online booking for all Easter Masses will open at 6am Monday (the 22nd March) and will remain open until 8am Easter Sunday morning (the 4th April). At that time booking for weekend Masses will revert to normal with booking open at 6am Monday the 5th and close at 4.30pm for the Saturday Vigil Mass and at 8am Sunday morning for the Sunday masses.

  • For St Aidan's Easter Sunday Mass click on the St. Aidan's button
  • For St. Walburga's Easter Massesclick on the St. Walburga's button
  • To book a place at Stations Of the Cross, click on the Xtra button
Easter Mass times are as follows:
  • Thursay April 1st Mass of the Last Supper 7:30pm
  • Friday April 2nd Celebration of the Passion of the Lord 3pm
  • Saturday April 3rd Easter Vigil 8pm
  • Sunday April 4th Easter Sunday 9:15am
After Easter Book Vigil Mass and Sunday Masses in the normal way by clicking on the St Walburga's or St Aidan's button. NB the St Walburga's Xtra button is ONLY for booking Stations Of the Cross and will can be booked for during the current week until Easter Friday.

If sill have a question not answered above or are having difficulties, in the first instance please contact the Parish Office.